Heroes for All managed to distribute one week food supply to 1500+ families across Bangladesh through our volunteers. So many more are experiencing desperate conditions due to this crisis and we are afraid there will be a surge in the demand for food in the coming days. We are mobilizing our contacts in different districts as well who are making list of families based on need.

Thanks to our well-wishers, friends and families for continuously supporting us to make this happen and give some hope to the struggling families. Also thanks for those who are with us and look forward to more supports so we continue to serve more people efficiently.

The world today seemed to be facing problems such as lack of inclusion, close-mindedness, lack of tolerance, inadequate empathy and compassion, and very little opportunity to grow cultural intelligence. The polarizing, fundamentalist and nationalistic views of political leaders are often leaving the future generation confused and tend to be pushing them to an edge of making wrong life choices filling their mind with tension instead of unity.

This is why, in these challenging times, Heroes for All is launching series of initiatives to connect the young people of the world through a platform that would allow them to share their experiences, knowledge and discuss together to plant the seed of collective thinking to solve global problems. To help build future leaders, HFA has and will continue to organize Cross-cultural dialogues with leaders who can shed light on issues through a global context.

Heroes for All partnered with Gulshan Society and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) to bring first of its kind neighborhood event titled – ‘Paara Uthshab’ on December 20, 2019 in one of the neighborhoods of Gulshan 2.

Now-a-days, urban living has pushed most people to a sense of isolation where neighbors are disconnected and often strangers to each other weakening one of the most important social institutions which are the neighborhood communities. ‘Paara Utshob’ is going to be held with the aim to revitalize the relationship among the community members.

Dr. Rehnuma Karim (faculty of State University of New York, Founder of Heroes for All), Shayaan Sheraj (Convener of Traffic Management and Civic Utilities from Gulshan Society) and Tajrina Mannan (Founder of Merill and Forbes and also one of Board of Directors of Heroes for All) envisioned the program with the support from the Honorable Mayor, Atiqul Islam as they observed the growing distrust and stress in the society.

The day includes competitions, traditional street games, open-mike sessions show-casing the talented neighbors, fortune telling, bio-scope, art wall for all, storytelling corners, fun street games for all, Health and well-being info stalls, Variety stalls, mini-workshops on arts and crafts, meet and greet space to create a joyful atmosphere.

Atiqul Islam, The Honorable Mayor of DNCC inaugurated the event at 10:00 am accompanied by His Execellency Earl R. Miller. DNCC, Gulshan Society, MTB Bank, Green Delta Insurance, AKij Food and Beverage, Euro Vigil Pvt Ltd, Rahim Afrooz, ABC milk, Aqua Paint, Flowater, Alif Group, Chaldal, Aamra Wifi, K-sport, Top of Mind all came together to make this event a memorable experience for all.

As educational institutes are not addressing the most crucial life skill that is “ developing growth mindset” to help individuals face all challenges with positivity – Heroes for All is holding a workshop that will address proven techniques and tools to help you rewire your mindset for growth and happiness.

You can ensure your participation by pre-registering to Bkash (A Limited space for the Workshop. Please pre- register for the event)

Click Here to Fill out the google form with your BKash transaction ID. Bkash : # 01686-721449

The school space can also become a learning incubator for the community after-school hours and on the weekend introducing Parenting Workshop, Nutrition and Computer training classes, etc. Create Community connectedness through programs that brings the community together such as school fair, reading clubs, computer training for both adults and children, monthly parenting workshop, creating scope for parents to volunteer in their children’s class, neighbourhood clean-up programs. Continuous teachers’ development through training by experts in the field of child psychology and well-being, and early childhood learning experts. Help the learners to be develop language skill from early age both with the proper pronunciations of Bengali and English language. Volunteer Students from colleges in USA and from Bangladesh will be involved with the local kids encouraging the learning through fun methods and mentoring. Building strong moral character and ethical standards through monthly programs on values and world-views introducing role models, regular practices and awards.

Target Area : Ashulia Industrial Zone.

Target Population : Children of local industrial workers, parent and teachers, local residents.

Strategies : Engaged learning and teaching through hand-on experiences, field trips, career days, community engagement projects, development of reading habits, leadership camps, self-discipline, team-work, competitions, imagination and creative thinking, arts and culture, disciplined work-habits, involvement in play and sports.

Projected cost for initial two storied school building : 36 Lac Taka.

Current Stage of the Project : The external and internal structural design (for 4 storied building) has been approved by the structural engineer and the plans have been approved by the local authority. The two and half Katha land has been cleared for starting the shallow foundation of the school.

Heroes for All, a youth leadership platform and non-profit organisation, is working together with Camp Abilities USA to organised the event “Camp Abilities Bangladesh 2018”. The event is intended to help the visually impaired children to make a mark in the competitive world. Camp Abilities USA is a developmental sports camp for children who are visually impaired, blind or deaf-blind.

Dr Lauren Lieberman, Dr Megan Irwin and Dr Ali Brian briefed the volunteers, camp counselors and other executive bodies affiliated with the event on how to guide visually impaired kids throughout “Camp Abilities Bangladesh 2018”. Dr Rehnuma Karim, Founder and President of Heroes For All, also shared her plans of the event. The discussion took place at the North South University Campus, where volunteers from different universities and institutions took part. “Camp Abilities Bangladesh 2018” is sponsored by BRAC Bank, Qatar Airways, City Bank, Islam Group, Triple Apparels Limited, Galaxy, Plummy Fashions Limited, Lakeshore Hotels and Star Youth, The Daily Star. Also, Assistance for Blind Children (ABC) is working side by side with Heroes For All to make this event into a colossal success.