Knowledge Session at NGBS

Heroes for All organized Mindset for Success workshop at Norail Govt Boys School (NGBS) on December 20, 2018. Thank you NGBS for letting us spend some time and share some knowledge with the curious and eager boys who welcomed us from their hearts. Dr. Rehnuma Karim conducted the 3 hours interactive session.Both HFA and the kids realized how we need to address the issues of decision making, holding positive attitude and living honestly in the schools which are crucial for success and an authentic life.

We keep on pressuring the kids for grades but not paying attention to what they are actually learning. We look forward to many more sessions that can help our future generation to become creative thinker to build a better world for all. Thank you Mahmuda Mannan, for inviting HFA at your school and thanks Principal Mohitosh Sir for letting us organize the event at your school. Thanks to our team mates Yeasrib and MusA for working hard to make this event happen. Heartiest thanks to Sizaar, Bela Auntie, Swopon Uncle and Mahmuda’s sweet mom for making the trip memorable.

HFA looks forward to collaborate with the schools and the volunteers group such as Norail Volunteers for all your support.