Heroes For All Sharing The Joy of Eid With Brave Little Warriors at ASHIC Foundation

While city dwellers endured the heat wave while maintaining fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Heroes for All (HFA) in collaboration with ASHIC Foundation has come together for the third time to spread joy and happiness amongst the brave children and teens who are fighting Cancer. The true spirit of Eid-ul-Fitr and the joy it brings transcends all barriers, uniting everyone without discrimination In alignment with that spirit these two voluntary organizations decided to create a festive atmosphere of Eid-ul-Fitr for the underprivileged little warriors and their parents. On the 30th March 2024, Saturday, the children had a pleasant surprise waiting for them in the afternoon, to escape the pain of the disease and enjoy the fun-filled activities to their hearts’ content and receive Eid gifts arranged just for them. Held at the premises of ASHIC Foundation at Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka witnessed a joyous time.

According to the World Child Cancer Organization’s website, “It is estimated that around 9000-12000 children develop cancer in Bangladesh every year….yet less than 1% of these children ever access palliative care”. This seems to happen mainly because of limited awareness among the people. Therefore, the event’s purpose was also to inform and raise awareness about this pressing issue among the country’s citizens.

The program was organized to give the children and their parents a much-needed space of comfort and joy, away from hospital visits and grief. This year’s event started by creating a space where the children could explore and get in touch with their creative side.

A small, yet wholesome art exhibition was held. With the stroke of their paintbrushes, the children expressed themselves through vibrant paintings and joyful interactions in between with HFA volunteers and members of the executive body of HFA. The proactive communication of the Community Affairs Coordinator of HFA, Ms Fatema Rahman Rakhe streamlined the art exhibition segment, ensuring the children were at ease and comfortable. When their artwork was put on display, the children seemed to be rejuvenated and cheerful as their parents looked on beaming with pride.

The art exhibition was followed by a captivating magic show for the children. Awestruck, their eyes widened with wonder and curiosity as Illusionist S. A Walid Hassan, the magician mesmerized the audience with his spellbindingly spectacular performance.

The magic show was followed by inspirational speeches delivered by the Treasurer of HFA, Ms. Mahmuda Mannan, along with the Internal Affairs Manager of HFA Mr. Syed Md. Abu Saleh. This was followed by the distribution of special Eid gift bags along with baskets of fruits, provided by Ms. Simily Rahman, to the children by the members of the Executive body of HFA. The Founder and Chairperson of ASHIC Foundation, Mrs. Salma Choudhury was present at the event. The event ended with painted handprints of the brave little warriors on canvas titled “Stronger Me” and singing “ We shall overcome one day “ together.

The combined efforts of all the members and volunteers of Heroes for All, ASHIC Foundation, and the 93rd batch of North South University made the program a successful, joyful, and memorable one.

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